1) Why The Name Diddy?
     I am From Canarsie & I Spent Most Of My Time Growing Up In Brookline Projects & In The Hood Everyone Earns A Nickname So From Like The Age 12 They Started Calling Me P.Diddy To PD Then By The Time I Got To High School Diddy Stuck Now The NightLife Calls Me DiddyRunDaCity How I Be Packing These Clubs!

2) How did you link up with DJ Starks?
      Me & Dj Starks Started Working Together B/C Mutual Friends (Amber,Free& Neka) Always Spoke Highly About Him And Say "Diddy You Need To Put Him On The Bill" Ever Since Then We Been Running The City Together (O If I Didn't Mention There Name They Would Have Killed Me If They Read This lol) (Love Yall)

3) Does Notoriety always equal Success?
     No It Doesn't Sometimes People Take That To The Head And Forget We Was All Nothing & The People Around Us Made Us That's why I Stay Grounded & Level Headed B/C Iam Nothing Without My Peers & Supporters & My Number One Favorite My Haters (I Love Ya To)

4) Where do you see yourself at in 5 years? Where will we see Diddy next?
     Next Five Years You Can See Me Maintaining What Iam Already Doing Packing Clubs & Managing Dj Starks & Taking His Career to Another Level plus venturing out to other businesses I would tell but I don't like people biting my shit so when ya see it ya going to love it

5) What's make you an OriginalGogetter?
I Been Like This My Whole Life I Guess I Get It From My Father S.O To Him For Installing This In Me lol

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