Dj BigReef

1) Where are you from, how does that influence your craft? 

     Dj BigReef from Coney Island Brooklyn NY (The Last Stop) Coming from Coney Island your surrounded by talent from Basket ball players to Artist (rappers singers djs etc) streets of coney island inspired me to be someone talented...

2) Have you worked with industry artist and how do you find that compared working with someone who is unknown/underground?

      I haven't worked with any industry artist on a 1 on 1 bases but I have djed for a few mainstream artist, Red Cafe, Juelz Santana, Mario, Keri Hilson and a few more. I work with a lot of underground artist and I respect the hustle/ Grind cause its not easy in today's game. Its just like me I'm a Dj from NY serato change the game so now everyone wants to be a dj, internet change the rap/singer game all you gotta do is upload a song and thousands of people can judge your music across the world. Back in the day it was as easy as today.

3) How did it feel to DJ  on 106 and Park?

     It felt like the 1st day of school (the night b4 I couldn't sleep, had my outfit out fresh braids fresh shape up lol) but when I got to 106 I felt comfortable like if it was another night at the club. Once the host ask me if I wanted a mic I felt even more comfortable. I got those kids hype and ready to party. It was a great experience.

4) What have you had to endure being in this business most DJ won't expect? 

     Well I don't look at my self as a Dj. I would call my self an Entertainer. When I'm in these clubs I get involved with the people. My djing is an experience I jump on bars on speakers I get in the crowd and dance with the bday person. Like I want you to wake up the next morning and say to your self "that dj was live"

5) What makes you an OriginalGogetter? 

     Being that I'm from the last stop coney island I've learned that if you want something in life go get it ! I got in the business in 2007 and I haven't sleep yet ! It so much competition out there in the world but only a few people can be chosen to become successful in the business. "I'm the last to go to sleep & the 1st to wake up" I'm starving to become someone successful. Cause when I'm gone I want to be remember from my achievements I've made in my years of living.

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